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Does Your Washing Machine Stink Often? Here’s How to Fix it

Washing machines are probably the busiest cleaning appliance in any house. And because of the same it needs regular maintenance to make it work like new every time. When you don’t, the machine may start emitting some bad odors which you really must address. Cleaning your washing machine on a regular basis will help you in keeping the appliance mold free and odor free as well. And you don’t need to buy extra cleaning products to address this issue. However, no matter how many efforts you put, you cannot simply get rid of that odor. We have listed solution for that as well. Let’s know how.

  1. Run a service wash

It means that spinning your machine with no clothes at a high temperature. This is a great way to save on your energy bills and is ecofriendly as well. But this doesn’t get rid of the odor and bacteria. Hence, you need to run a hotter service wash to address this issue. Your user manual should have specified this information, if not consult the customer service before you do anything.

  1. Clean the seal

Mold and bacteria can disperse in the rubber seal around the door hole. After you are done washing, have a look at the seal to check if it needs a scrub. When you do this on a regular basis, you can get rid of accumulation of mold and bacteria. If mold takes a long time to grow, it must have sunken into the porous rubber seal and be impossible to get rid of. If this is the case, then replace the door seal. You might want to check a range of collection here

  1. Wash the lint filter and detergent drawer

Mold and bacteria can also accumulate in the detergent drawer and lint filter.

  1. Leave the door and drawer of the washing machine open

When you leave the door of the washing machine ajar, it lets the air to circulate in the drum and assist in putting a halt to the growth of mold and bacteria. Also leave the detergent drawer of the machine partly open for the very same reason.

  1. Inspect the stand pipe

If the bad odor persist, there are probable chances of partial blockage in the standpipe. If this is the case, you can use a drain unblocker to clear the pipe. If the problem as exacerbated, then you need to call a professional to fix this issue.

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