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Is Heat Treatment For Bedbugs Better Than Other Options? Find Here!

It is not uncommon to find bed bugs at home. These insects are most active after midnight and can bite, causing skin reaction and itching. Bed bugs can also damage furniture and your home, although these are not as innocuous as some of the other home pests, parasites and insects. DIY remedies or using one of those ready sprays will not remove punaise de lit from your home. Like everyone else, you may have heard about heat treatment for bedbugs, but is this the best option? In this post, we take a look at the process and other relevant aspects.

Understand the process

In case of heat treatment for bedbugs, the infested room or the entire house is heated up, often up to a temperature of about 140F. All bedbugs, nymphs, and eggs die within the temperature of 130F. For this, the concerned pest control company will come with all the equipment required, and they will take the necessary precautions before the actual process is carried. This kind of heat treatment is extremely effective, and don’t worry, the concerned professionals will remove everything, from plants to candles, which might get affected by the increase in heat. The treatment is continued for at least one hour or more, and once they have done the job, you can get back into your home.

Why consider heat treatment for bedbugs?

There are three major advantages of heat treatment for bedbugs. Firstly, this is a completely hassle-free procedure, and as the homeowner, you don’t have to do anything at all. Secondly, it doesn’t involve use of chemicals and pesticides, most of which are not safe for humans, animals, and the environment. One of the many reasons why pest control companies are using heat treatment for bedbugs is to reduce the dependency on these chemicals, which are known to affect the planet in many ways. Thirdly, heat treatment gets rid of bedbugs completely. You don’t have to spend again on removing these inspects, because even nymphs and eggs will be killed.

Final word

If you want to consider heat treatment for bedbugs, make sure that you hire a company that’s experienced, well-equipped and has its own team of trained professionals. It is also a wise idea to review their work profile, ask for references and get an estimate in advance. Costing depends on many things, including the extent of infestation and size of your home.

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