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Cost for CISSP Exam and Certification

CISSP or Certification in Information Systems Security Professionals is a course which is for the IT professionals who are looking to pursue their career in the field of Cybersecurity. According to the US and corporate US government there is shortage in the skilled professionals for this course in the country and over the globe.

A CISSP certification lands an employee in getting the title of security manager, security analyst, or other security positions. The CISSP certification also creates frameworks for proper controls and helps to expertise the risk management and software development security. For More Information About cissp exam cost, Please Visit cisspcertifications

What will you benefit from the CISSP certification?

The CISSP certification and exam let you get the title of security researcher, security auditor, IT Director/manager, Director of Security and many more. To get benefit from the CISSP certification you must underly below criterions.

  • You must have completed 5 years of security work experience
  • Prepare and pass for the CISP exam
  • Get endorsed to become CISSP certified professional

When you fulfil all the above criterions then you are eligible to apply for the CISSP exam and certification.

What is the exam fee of CISSP?

The CISSP exam cost is at 699 USD and the pricing and taxes for PMP are based on the location of the exam. There are total of 8 domains for CISSP exam and in this exam fee of 699 every domain is covered.

Criteria for passing the examination

To pass the exam and get CISSP certified you need to fulfil some criterions.

  • When taking certification, you must complete at least one instructor-led class
  • You need to score over or equal to 85% by attempting 3-5 tests for successful certification
  • You should prepare and give final exam within 30 days from the course completion date
  • Produce exam failure notice received from ISC2

Above are the criteria which is required for passing CISSP exam.

The certification will be received by you in the 4-6 weeks after successful completion of the CSSIP exam and the certification is valid for the time of 3-years.

Are there any courses material for CISSP exam?

The course material will be provided to you by the institute from where you are doing the certification. These courses includes all the domains that are required for the CISSP exam cost is USD 699 and the prices and taxes are based on the location from where you are preparing and giving the exam.

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