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How to Choose Corrugated or Cardboard Packaging Box for Your Business?

There are two types of packaging boxes popularly sold in the market. These are a corrugated box and a cardboard box. It is possible that two different firms have different expectations from their packaging box. If you are in the market to select the right packaging box, then you need to have good information about them. Here, we are going to tell you ways to choose the right packaging box.

About corrugated material

Corrugated material is a stereotypical “cardboard” that has a ridged grooved paper stuffed between the two card stock pieces. Corrugated material at box manufacturing firms is certainly costlier than a cardboard box.

How does a corrugated box differ from a cardboard box?

A cardboard box is also known as card stock. It is thicker as compared to the standard 3 ring binding paper and thinner than a printing or poster paper used in school. Both these packaging materials differ on the basis of aesthetics, environmental and economical factors.

On what factors does the cost of a packaging box depend on?

All the below factors in the supply chain determines the cost of a product.

Product Type

There are a lot of products that get shipped on a daily basis. Retail products like electronics and clothing have varying needs when it comes to shipping.

Shipping Frequency

Some products are shipped one way (shipping bananas on a daily basis) while others have the possibility to ship more than once (delivery or exchange of item). So, the shipping frequency of a product also has a major impact on the material type that is used for transportation.

Transport Needs

The way a product gets shipped to another destination also needs to be considered. It can be either hand delivery, truck, plane or boat. All these can impact the price of a box.

Things to consider when choosing a corrugated packaging box


Size is an important consideration when choosing a box. Think about the product that you will be keeping inside the box. You must learn about the product size as it will help you to better imagine the arrangement of product inside the box. U can get the internal measurements of width, height and length.


Market is full of several products that need to be handled with a lot of care. Packaging fillers serve as a great means to make sure that nothing in it gets broken at the time of transit. Mailer boxes are the best option when sending fragile products. Thick, and rigid cardboard indicates that nothing gets damaged during the transferring process.


When it comes to shipping a product, you need to consider the weight of the product.


By considering all these factors, you can easily decide the right packaging box for your business.

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