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Considering Photorejuvenation? Here’s A Guide to the Basics!

Various factors, especially aging and sun damage, can impact your skin’s appearance, texture and tone. While DIY remedies are great at times, you may need dermal procedures to get more effective results. Photorejuvenation, or photo-rajeunissement, is one of the common procedures that’s used extensively for skin rejuvenation. This is a noninvasive procedure with almost no downtime, and the results are incredible. So, what is photo-rejuvenation? We have a basic outline below for your help.

Knowing photorejuvenation better

Photorejuvenation relies on intense pulsed light, or IPL, to stimulate collagen production. Depending on the area being treated, one session can take about 30 minutes to an hour. People opt for this treatment to improve both skin texture and clarity. Note that photo-rejuvenation treatment is always customized for the client as per skin concerns, and sometimes, chemical peels and other treatments can be considered as a part of the regimen.

How is photorejuvenation done?

You will be wearing protective eye-wear during photorejuvenation. The light will be targeted on the face (or any targeted area) after using a cooling gel. There is no pain involved, but you will feel some sensation on the skin. Some people do experience mild discomfort and pain, although it is nothing unbearable. Since the procedure doesn’t impact the surface of your skin, there is no downtime and you can go back to your regular life and activities immediately.

When to consider photo-rejuvenation?

Photo-rejuvenation can be considered as a part of your skin rejuvenation treatment, or as a treatment of its own. It is best suited for sun damaged skin, pigmentation issues, and rosacea, and in some cases, it is used for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have uneven skin, you may consider photorejuvenation, but talk to a good doctor or skin expert to know more.

How many sessions are required?

As we mentioned earlier, a person’s skin issues must be considered and all relevant aspects have to be evaluated before photo-rejuvenation is considered. At least four or more sessions are required, and depending on the treatment, some maintenance sessions may be required later. Most experts agree that the benefits of photo-rejuvenation last for at least a few years, especially when maintenance treatments are done in time.

As for the costs, some clinics may charge more for photorejuvenation, but it depends on many factors. Always select a clinic that you can rely on and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions.

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